Great music, an exquisite selection of drinks in the company of like-minded people celebrating life well-lived and enjoyed is what our program is all about.


Once in La’Banya, you’ll most likely be in time to enjoy daily or nightly live music performances by some of the best regional musicians. The world’s greatest past and present hits and evergreens are perfect soundtracks to a magical La’Banya summer.


What would summer on a beach be like without a DJ adding to the overall feeling of holiday bliss? Ambiental house, deep house, funky house, jazz house are a few house genres most played by our select DJ’s. You’re guaranteed to experience relaxing, chill sessions as well as more upbeat ones where you’ll certainly have your heart dance, and feet will follow.


The star of La’Banya stage, the most famous Croatian saxophonist is best known for electrifying free sax improvisations in house and electro DJ performances.